“There's more to getting to where you're going than just knowing there's a road.” - Joan Lowery Nixon


I came, I saw, I locked hubs.


I'd rather be scared than bored.


Dents are like scratches but with better stories attached.


Don't follow me, you won't make it.

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Stofpad4x4 Products

Stofpad4x4 Products

Stofpad4x4 Products include bashplates, rocksliders, winchplates and rear bumper for Ford, Land Rover, Land Cruiser, Jeep and Pajero 4x4s. Products supplied may differ cosmetically from images on this site. Click here for more information.

Who we are

Who we are

Uys van Rooyen, the proud owner of Stofpad 4×4, lives in Centurion and drives a 3.0 D4-d Fortuner. Uys is married to Jolandie and the father of one young daughter and a 3 year old boy.

Contact us

Contact us

Pick up the telephone and give us a call at 083 399 2046. You can also send a fax to 086 518 0130. Send an email to